Though the housing boom of the last decade has been a great thing for many people, it has undoubtedly had a negative effect on the way we look at our homes and more specifically, the way we decorate them.

The problems started when we started viewing our houses as investments and ways to make a quick buck rather than homes. Every time a decorating decision needed to be made, rather than asking ourselves “What do I like?” we would instead ask “Would a potential buyer be put off by these vertical blinds?” And whilst this is an entirely excusable and sensible thing to do, it is slowly but surely into one big bland pile of white walls and wooden floors.

If you’ve bought a house recently you will know what I mean when I say there is literally no point in setting up viewings anymore- you’d be just as well closing your eyes and sticking a pin anywhere in a property magazine and letting fate decide- I assure you that it won’t make a single bit of difference as everywhere looks the same!

House viewing used to be fun, everyone likes to snoop and see how weird other people are living. House hunting now is like a scene from George Orwell’s 1984- an emotion free, white-washed experience!

Come on people!!!

If you have some decorating to do over the Bank Holiday you can be amongst the first to put a stop to this worrying trend. Don’t be scared, decorate your home the way YOU like it! After all, you did pay thousands upon thousands of pounds to for it!

You spend most of your waking hours in your home, and it is a fact that your immediate surroundings have a massive impact on your mood and how you view the world so make sure that your home has a mood that reflects the way you want to feel.

If you like purple walls matched with green couches and pineapple print ready made curtains- I have to say you’re completely insane and hugely lacking in any earthly tastes- but for Pete’s sake do it- it’s YOUR HOUSE!

Nothing is irreversible and yes, to sell your home you will need to make sure it appeals to as many people as possible but, and it’s a big but, you can’t live in the future, you must live for now. Cross the “how do I sell my house” bridge when you come to it- I’ve written tons of articles on the subject to show you how- but until then, there’s nothing wrong with getting comfortable in your own house- if not there then where?

Today is the day, I’m calling an amnesty on white and magnolia paint. Today is the day we bring back what makes Britain great- it’s individuals, its freaks and geeks- the people who dare to be different- the people who dare to live their lives the way they want to live them. Will you be one of them?