Cushions & throws- the first step to colour.

There surely cannot be a cheaper or simpler way to liven up or add a little luxury to a room than with cushions and throws. Available in all shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and materials there is a cushion everyone. Redecorating can be a time consuming and costly exercise. It a room is simply lacking a little oomph, a scattering of colour I the form of some patterned cushions can more often than not, do the job. Similarly, rather than replacing an old settee just because of a little loving wear and tear, a well chosen throw could lend a new lease of life whilst hiding the odd stain.


Especially handy for the naturally cautious or those startled by a little lime green after years of magnolia, cushions and throws can introduce areas of interest and colour to a room if painting a wall orange feels like a step too far.


The beauty of them is that they carry no big consequences. We may not all possess the keen eye or natural flair for home design of a certain Mr Lewellen-Bowen, but when dealing with cushions and throws we don’t need to- you can chop and change to your hearts delight until you get it just right.


For those who are taking on a full redecorating project at home- the job isn’t over when the toolbox goes away. Soft furnishings are necessary to fully complete a scheme. A newly laid wooden floor is certainly a beautiful addition to the home, as is a freshly papered feature wall but a only with the addition of fabric and softness will a space feel truly warm and inviting, it indicates the area is for living in rather than just looking at. In large or open plan rooms brightly coloured or patterned cushions are the perfect way to avoid a room taking on a shed-like feel.


Stationed at various focal points throughout the room, they will draw the eye quickly from point to point (i.e. the sofas, the computer desk or the children’s play area) and away from spaces in between. This will emphasis just how many uses the room has rather than how uncomfortably cavernous it is. Cushions can also unify a large area if they are matched to the carpet or curtains and the amount of different colours are kept to a minimum.


In modern homes and apartments which now utilise lots of natural or traditionally industrial materials such as stone, concrete, slate or hardwood, cushions and throws add texture and depth to smooth hard surfaces. Used in unusual ways on a purely decorative level an interesting juxtaposition can be created. For example, a shocking pink woollen throw folded into a length of fabric and draped across a granite or slate coffee table would add a chic glamour to a minimal apartment whilst prevent it from looking clinical.


For temporary home set ups such as rented apartments or student halls, cushions and throws are also the perfect solution to add some individuality or homeliness to a room where a poster of your favourite band is usually the landlords limit when comes to redecorating!


Cost effective and accessible to all, cushions and pillows can be used as the first point of call to a jaded room or the finishing touch to a DIY masterpiece, go bold, get scattering, get comfortable!

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