As a contemporary and adaptable solution to window dressing, there is nothing to compete with blinds. With countless subcategories from Venetian blinds to roller blinds, there is something to suite all tastes and all budgets. The key to their popularity lies in not only their chameleon nature, but also their accessibility to the average homeowner attempting their first spot of DIY- they truly are simplicity itself when it comes to installing them.

Before you install or even buy your blinds however, you must first choose which ones you want- possibly the hardest part of the job! For complete versatility roller blinds are probably your first point of call. From simple natural fabric to patterned suede, they offer a huge combination of patterns, materials and trimmings. They are also instantly adjustable to fit any window size within a matter of minutes with nothing more than a pair of scissors and a small hacksaw. Their low cost means they are ideal for first time buyers or those wanting to stage a property that is for sale or up for letting. For a sumptuous, expensive feel wooden slat blinds are perfect. They comprise of lengths of natural wood which run horizontally across a window and rotate on strings to open and close. Completely at ease in a modern apartment or a country conversion, a dark wood will add a rich and natural element to a room whereas a Scandinavian blonde wood will bring a refreshing air of the outdoors. On a summer evening an open wooden blind would cast a brilliant linear pattern across a room. For similarly striking linear qualities, vertical blinds provide a vertical alternative. Made up rows of weighted fabric strips they can be cut to any length, making them highly adaptable. Previously popular in offices due to their relative affordability, the range of luxurious fabrics now available has meant the home decorating market has been quick to utilize their obvious potential. For sophisticated twist on the usual themes, Roman Blinds use an eye catching folding mechanism which not only saves fabric but also provides an unusual focal point in a room. As with roller blinds, the obvious advantage of Roman Blinds is the limitless ways fabric can be used.

Once you have made your no doubt hard thought out decision, installing your blinds couldn’t be simpler. Despite the numerous guises they come in, all blinds hang from a single unifying track which can be fitted in minutes. Most types can be tailored the windows size on the spot or alternatively you can have your supplier have them pre-cut- due to the simplicity of the procedure this is also relatively painless on pocket!

Whether it’s your first home or your fifteenth, transforming it into a space that represents who you are is an exciting and extremely rewarding experience; so have fun when choosing the right blinds for your home- you are limited only by the extent of your imagination. With a little thought, blinds can be discrete to the point of practical invisibility. With a little creativity they can provide a theatrical border to your view to the outside world.

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