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Creative trends with nicola holden

Nicola Holden is an interior designer and founder of Nicola Holden Designs, offering bespoke and modern interiors, based in London since 2008. Nicola originally has a background in manufacture engineering, but later committed to her one true love interior design, and received qualifications from Chelsea's prestigious KLC School of Design. She fully understands the importance of designing spaces to compliment the needs of your lifestyle. So we are pleased to share with you the creative trends of Nicola Holden.

Creative Trends - Nicola Holden

- Transcript -

1) What pieces of furniture have impressed you recently? And Why?

Lighting is always a big thing for me, and I think the choice of light fitting can make or break an interiors scheme. I am currently lusting after Lindsey Adelman’s beautiful chandeliers. I love their organic shapes which blend well with my contemporary style interiors.

2) What colours are on trend right now? And Why?

Pantone’s colour of the year is Marsala, although I can’t say that this is a favourite colour of mine. Grey is very definitely the new black, with shades such as Farrow & Ball’s Purbeck Stone and Mole’s Breath. Their Railings colour is another favourite of mine. Indigo is another colour that is trending at the moment – something like Farrow & Ball’s Drawing Room Blue.

3) What types of materials are on trend right now and Why?

The release of Fifty Shades of Grey has reinforced the current trend for luxury materials, such as marble, and copper and gold metallics. There is also a wonderful trend for patterned encaustic tiles which I find very exciting!

4) Which of your projects embodies the latest design trend? And why?

I recently completed the refurbishment of a small one-bedroom flat near Covent Garden. The theme for this project was for a space that was modern and elegant but relaxed. I used a soft palette of greys throughout, injected with splashes of mulberry. For the kitchen worktops I selected a marbled reconstituted stone, and a watermarked silk wallpaper for the walls. To keep this mono-chromatic palette interesting, different textures and shapes were used throughout the scheme.

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