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Mecox, a leading chain of design emporiums offering interior and garden furniture that enables customers to make the most of their living environment. Mecox has a total of eight emporiums throughout America, with stores in East Hampton, Manhattan, West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

However, their flagship store is in Southampton, New York, which was opened in 1996. Their furniture offers unwavering quality, both in terms of materials used and ultimate form. So we are pleased to share with you the creative trends of Mecox.

Creative Trends - Kendall Williams

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1) What pieces of furniture have impressed you recently? And Why?

Without a doubt, one of the best design byproducts of the 1950s and 60s is the bar cart. More than six decades later, demand for bar carts has peaked again. Today, bar carts are some of the most requested pieces at all Mecox locations, and we offer quite the collection online.

2) What colours are on trend right now? And Why?

Animal print--Add a touch of animal print to give your room unique flair. A pop of this pattern perfect one-of-a-kind accessory—often each differs slightly to ensure your look is unique. Black and brass—Brass, one of our on trend materials, also plays well with other colors—especially black. The black and brass look is currently on display in Mecox Dallas where a vintage black lacquered oak coffee table is proof that a little brass banding with a lot of black can go a long way.

Blue and white—This classic combination never goes out of style and seamlessly blends into any décor. Yellow—We’ve seen an increase in this sunny color and are loving all of its various shades. It is the perfect way to transition from winter to spring! Deep green—To achieve a lush look year round, a deep green can mimic the warmth of a summer garden in winter or add depth to your décor in warmer months by complimenting your indoor greenery.

3) What types of materials are on trend right now? And Why?

Brass--One of the beauties of brass is that it’s surprisingly warm. It’s also more subtle, affordable and approachable than its sister yellow metal, gold. Lucite—The clean, modern lines created by this material make it an essential for any home in any space.

Zinc—At Mecox, zinc is a standard material for our outdoor furniture. It looks beautiful on side tables, dining tables, planters and more! Concrete—A versatile and weatherproof material, we often use concrete for both indoor and outdoor uses. It also reflects a diverse selection of decorating styles from modern and contemporary to traditional and conservative.

4) Which of your projects embodies the latest design trend? And why?

Our bar carts really embody current design concepts, whilst being referential to designs of the 50’s and 60’s. They’re versatile, with hundreds of different uses. People today want practicality from their furniture and this what is on offer with this great storage solution.

The vast selection of styles also reflects modern eclectic tastes, our cards come in an array of shapes and sizes and can be made with a variety of materials including bamboo, brass, chrome, glass, gold leaf, lucite, nickel rattan and stainless steel.

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