Creative trends with lindsay eidahl

Lindsay Eidahl is a design blogger at her own site, My Creative Days, writing from Iowa, USA. She loves to be creative with her day, home and kids; and is obsessed with old wood, rusty treasures and everything in between. Finding frugal and creative ways to decorate her home, creating a fabulous craft or doing an activity with the kids is a passion of hers. She is a firm believer that you can have pretty pieces and fantastic spaces around you without breaking the bank. So we are pleased to share with you the creative trends of Lindsay Eidahl.

Creative Trends with Lindsay Eidahl

- Transcript -

1) What pieces of furniture have impressed you recently?

I love old pieces of furniture made from real wood. I love to hunt for old pieces at yard sales and thrift stores. You just can’t buy new furniture today like they used to make back in the day.

2) What colours are on trend right now?

I have always loved neutral colors as a base to anything with pops of color that can be added and removed as your tastes change. So, I like to paint my walls a neutral color (grays, whites and "griege" as some of my favorites right now) and then add pops of color with curtains, pictures, pillows, bedding, rugs and throws. I am constantly redecorating our home so I like things that are flexible and can be used with many different designs.

3) What types of materials are on trend right now?

I love burlap and natural materials. You can't go wrong with adding natural materials to a space. It is never going to go out of style and you can always get your hands on it. The best part, you can find it for free by "shopping" your own backyard!"

4) Which of your projects embodies the latest design trend?

I do A LOT of repurposing and upcycling projects. I am a firm believer that we can save a lot of pieces from going into the landfill just by getting creative and making them into beautiful and functional pieces again. Paint, hardware and a little imagination can go a long way when coming up with new ideas for old pieces.

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