Recycling and up-cycle remain a key feature in this year's interior design trends. However, you'll notice that as people become more adept and creative recycling has upped the ante, so to speak, now it's posh and should be seen in everyone's homes.    


This disposable chandelier by Stuart Haygrath is not only stunning it's practical too.  


Working from home is being the norm; creating your own home office from recycled and up-cycled materials means it doesn't have to be expensive to create a superb working space.  

The First Man Scrapbook

We've seen tyres being recycled in many ways, however these recycled tyres are posh enough to be used in doors compared with many other recycled tyre projects.  

Wood Finishes Direct

Giving furniture a Shabby Chic appearance is a great way to give a room a trendy makeover.  

Be Climate Smart.

Old suitcases make fabulous pet beds – especially those which have a plush fabric cover complete with button detailing.  

Design Mup

Pallets remain a great source of recycling inspiration. This coffe table is a cut above the rest with its glass top.  


Recycling usually means being eco-friendly as well. These stylish cushions certainly have a touch of savoir faire.  


Metallic takes on a whole new meaning with this kitchen with corrugated metal wall and ceiling.  

Mix & Chic

A fusion of old and new has become a timeless classic within the world of interior design. It's a great budget saving way of bringing flair into your home.