A caravan or motor-home is a marvellous way to see the world whilst till enjoying all the comforts of home. A hotel room is great but it lacks that personal touch and it certainly can’t come with you wherever decide to go. The only problem with caravans and motor-homes is image most of us have of wall to wall kitsch 1970’s décor, luckily though that is not something that cannot be remedied.

Decorating a caravan couldn’t be simpler. The small amount of space means less is definitely more so a minimal, clutter free style is definitely the way to go. A simple dark yet stylishly coloured carpet will definitely add some durable comfort. Go for a rich plum or aubergine for a contemporary look that won’t need constant cleaning. If your caravan is going to be touring the festivals then it is best to stick to a vinyl floor covering which can be wiped clean in seconds.

Walls should be kept pattern free and light in shade. White may be a little too unforgiving so soften the look by opting for off white or for some neutral but warm tones such as cream or butterscotch. To increase the feeling of space add some mirrors to walls and doors and steal space from the outside by keeping your windows clutter free. A roller-blind would be best suited here due to its simple design and easy maintenance. Choosing a blind that offers total blackout is also sensible if you want a restful sleep.

Add touches of home and areas of colour in the form of accessories like clocks, cutlery and picture frames, or soft furnishings like cushions, colourful bedspreads or throws. It is probably best to choose one bright colour as your accent colour then stick to it when it comes to such items. This will create a unified theme and therefore increase the feeling of space. Too many colours will make for a cluttered finish. You can spread the colour to the bathroom by including towels and bathmats in the same shade. In the summer go for a zesty lemon or lime and in the winter add warmth with chocolate or crimson accents.

In terms of furniture, it is best to spend a little more on things that have multi uses, not only will this save money in the long run but it will give you more room to manoeuvre. You could for example, include a couch-bed that also has storage in the body so you can hide your bedding and duvet during the daytime. Instead of a cooker, oven and toaster, why not purchase a microwave that can also act as a grill and defroster? This is save plenty of room and cut down on the number of hazards onboard. A folding table and chair set is also preferable to a fixed one as it gives you the option of eating outside if the weather is particularly nice and also means you can make some space for an inflatable mattress should you be travelling in a large party.

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