Dramatic colours always give a boost to a room and if you're looking for a totally new look these interior design ideas may be the infusion of colour you need to brighten your home and boost your morale! Colour: Colours which reminds us of warm days on holiday, such as bright blue skies and golden sands are ideal. Alternatively you could use bright primary colours which pack a visual punch each time you walk into the room. Be careful and don't forget that you have to live with the colours you choose day-in and day-out so they need to be colours which you can relate to in a positive way. Style: A Mediterranean interior design style is quite easy to achieve and you can use some of your existing furnishings to save money. Use cushions and throws in dramatic bold colours for sofa and chairs and use floor rugs in contrasting colours to add depth to a room. Windows: Voile panels in bright bold colours are a great way to add a new look to a room. Crisp white voiles are also a good option as they will coordinate with any other colours beautifully, as well as giving your window a fresh new look. If privacy is an issue try using fully lined voile, you'll get the same effect but without having to worry too much about prying eyes! You could also use the classic combination of blue or teal curtains and red blinds –as these colours provide a dramatic effect which can be astounding. Floors: if you're going for a Mediterranean style then tiles or terracotta stone is the ideal flooring. Use rugs in the places where people's feet spend the most time, for example in front of the sofa and chairs to take the 'British chill' off feet and make the room look more homely, warm and inviting. Accessories: If you're like many people and have a treasure trove of knick-knacks that you bought while on holiday and have never known quite what to do with them, now is the time to dust them off and put them on display. Try not to overcrowd the room or you may end-up with a tacky looking souvenir shop rather than a stylish abode! The use of floor and table lamps is always a good option for giving a room a new look and are great for creating a warm ambience to a room as well as masters at disguising any imperfections you may have on your walls or floors.