If you're fed up with your 'run of the mill' interior why not create your own summer style with something unique and quirky? Everyone has their own views in what actually constitutes quirky, however, we have some interior design ideas you may like to adopt or they may just give you the incentive you need to change your interior. Colour: This is where you can really creative! If you're looking for quirky then you'll need to chose colours which aren’t the norm. Mustard yellow and purple make a great combination if you have plain walls or some of this years large prints on wall paper may be useful if your walls need to hide imperfections. Add a bold bright accent, such as lipstick red, for the odd cushion, floor rug or chair to keep the room quirky. Style: You can be as quirky as you want, but if you want your interior to be truly unique you'll need to think outside the box and include aspects which aren't seen in every house. Why not add faux windows onto a wall? This is a great way to add your own individual style along with a different method of displaying art work or objects. Add curtains in different colours, patterns and lengths to lift your room into the realms of unconventional and quirky! Any other unconventional style will of course be acceptable; let your imagination run wild, but also bear in mind practicality and functionality, after all this isn't a show home - it's your home! You need to be able to feel at ease and enjoy your quirky style. Windows: Again, you can go outrageous with some of this years curtain fabrics online to make your own window dressings or use voile panels in plain white so that the focal point isn't stolen away from your faux windows. Floors: Plain wood floors will leave you the option of using patterned or unusual shaped rugs, as well as making a room appear less crowded. Accessories: Add what you like but don't get confused with quirky and clutter. Inset your television into a chimney breast and give it a frame so that it resembles another window. You could also add curtains so that when the TV isn't being used they can be drawn closed and no-one will know it's there – possibly a great way to deter opportunist burglars from eyeing your plasma screen as well.