In this, the last post in this mini-series we're going to focus on one of the most important factors in interior design – paying attention to detail. You may have the most expensive furniture and furnishings but if you don't get the details and accessories right the whole look can be ruined in an instant. Colour: This post enables you use any colours you wish, however, if you're paying attention to detail you'll need to ensure that your colour create the correct look for your room. The colours don't have to compliment each other if you're going for a colour clashing theme, but for most interiors, contemporary or traditional the colours will play a vital part in achieving your designed look. Style: Again this is completely up to you! Do your research by looking online for interior design ideas. You'll also need to be realistic, we'd all love a bedroom with a large sleigh bed, but if your bedroom in small it simply won't fit or you'll squeeze it in through sheer perseverance and have little room for any other furniture or room to walk around your bed! Keep those ideas in mind for your next home. Windows: You need to choose curtains or blinds which compliment the style of your room and home. Voile panels are ideal for creating a soft look in a modern home, whereas fully, lined pencil pleat bedroom curtains maybe more appropriate in a traditional style of home. Floors: This can be a difficult area – you may want to rip up your carpets and strip back floorboards but that's impossible if you have a concrete flooring! You could use laminate flooring with a wood effect and use rugs to add a touch of homeliness, or use large rugs to disguise faded and worn carpets. Accessories: These are the key to success and the place were the attention to detail is essential. How often have you seen a beautiful home and then winced at the accessories? Look for items which suit your interior design style; replace table lamp bases and shades or both so that they compliment you room. If you don't have the spare money for new furniture think about re-covering chairs and sofas or simply use cushions and throws. In the bedroom, cheap bed linen in your new colour scheme will help bring your new style together without breaking the bank.

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