Create a Floorless Finish with Rugs

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Rugs are a fantastic and economical way to add comfort, texture, colour and pattern to an otherwise plain room of any size. The huge variety of choices available on the market, however, can make this choice some what bewildering. This article will take you through the do’s and don’ts of successfully choosing rugs for different areas within the home. The first thing to consider when choosing a rug is the shape of your room and the shapes made from the furniture with in it. For example, a large square room would better suit a round or square shaped rug than a long rectangle shape that would conflict and unbalance the space created by the walls. However, inside these walls it is also necessary to consider the spaces free from furniture that you inevitably want to cover with the rug. Be sure not to engulf the furniture or indeed the room with an oversized rug that belittles the objects within it. However, also be sure not to place a door mat sized rug in a large tall room as it will fail with insignificance as well as impracticality. Once a compromise between size and shape is achieved it is then necessary to look at colours, patterns and textures. Rugs are available in a wide variety of materials which makes them possible solutions for a variety of areas and uses. For example, the rug is an ideal option to protect a well used walk way and much cheaper and versatile than a full carpet fitting. For this area, be sure to use a durable and easy to clean material such as leather, wool or acrylic pile. For areas prone to dirt, be sure to choose a rug with a short pile as shaggy rugs will look distressed and dirty in these demanding areas. Finally, to extend the lifeline of your rug darker shades are most preferential in these areas as marks are less likely to show. Alternatively, if you would prefer to keep your palette light and airy, choose a patterned rug to help disguise marks but also add some excitement to an often bland hallway. If a rug is required to add some luxury or comfort to a less hectic area such as a bedroom or living room the options available are much broader. For example, for the ultimate in relaxed luxury and warmth, opt for a fur or shaggy pile rug to add some depth, texture and warmth to a room. As these areas are less exposed, the colour options are a lot more open to taste. A deep plum or softer neutral rug can work equally as effectively in these areas and can add warmth or create space as required. For a touch more individuality, choose a rug with a pattern design. There is now a huge variety of styles available but remember to consider the other colours and patterns already existing in the room. If the room is rather minimal; why not go for a vibrant or statement pattern to add a centre piece to the room. Alternatively, to add calm, choose a rug that’s pattern is based on complementary tones or shades to the colours already within the room.

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