With such a wide variety of colours and types of wall paint available; designers and the public often forget to consider ways to decorate a room without grabbing for a tub of emulsion. From traditional wallpaper to corrugated steal panels there is a huge array of more individual and unique forms of décor to bring style and individuality to your home. This article will take you through an inspirational summary of novel and unique ways to bring life to your walls.

Get Natural

 Whether traditional or contemporary; wood is a timeless and beautiful way to decorate. Consider prestigious wood panelling for a grand and strong statement in a period property. Stain the panels a rich oak or lighter beech dependant on the size and light source within the room. For a more European finish why not consider simply waxing the wood or even adding a white wash. This is particularly effective in small cottages or beach properties.

For a more contemporary twist why not consider using black slatted wood panels or cork. Used on one key wall such as a chimney breast this can act as a novel design feature to set off the rest of your scheme.

Finally, for a less intrusive approach why not simply add a simple picture rail around the room to not only divide the space but also enable you to suspend pictures, mirrors, wall art and other such decoration around the room.

Be Dramatic

 If wood isn’t to your taste, why not consider using fabric

to decorate your room. This lesser used alternative is an individual and dramatic way to add some wow to your design. Using heavy and luxurious velvet or light and romantic muslin suspend full drop drapes across a key wall such as behind a bed or opposite a chimney breast. Be sure to consider your use of colour for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Furthermore, heavier fabrics such as velvet or canvas can enclose a space and also act as insulation to the room.

Get Arty

 Finally, if such large expanses of design aren’t to your liking why not think on a smaller scale. A sophisticated and practical idea is to choose a medium to small wall and create a photo gallery of your friends and family in a variety of different yet coordinating frames. Alternatively why not create your own mini art gallery hanging a selection of your favourite prints or wall art. If you have a family why not frame your children’s art work for a fun yet still stylish focal point.

 Whatever your taste and whatever your requirements don’t forget to think out of the box when designing your room. Experiment with colours, materials and textures to create a truly individual and exciting finish to exude your character and welcome people to your home.

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