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Cosy, winter interior design ideas 6: warm up your hallway

Hallways are notoriously difficult to decorate, they're usually too narrow to do anything with or in modern homes are simple square spaces which lack character. Don't forget that the moment you open your front door it's the portal to your home and can speak volumes about the type of people who live there!

Just imagine looking inside a portal that is full of clutter and totally uninspiring and then move onto the next where colours are perfect, design is impeccable and order reigns – which would you rather have? The latter I'm, sure so let's take a look at ways to cosy up your hallway before the really nasty weather arrives!

Many hallways are long narrow corridors with the only natural light being allowed in is via a glass panel in the front door. Unless you go for a complete refurbishment and demolition you can't conjure up any natural light. The solution is to make the most of what you have by careful colour selections, use of mirrors and choice of flooring.

As we know mirrors can be used to make spaces appear larger and also help to bounce natural light around a room. The same applies to your hallway, so add a mirror and place it on the wall which has the most natural light. Colours should be light, also opt for paints or wallpaper with a sheen as this will also help to move light around. Try and steer clear of large prints if you use wallpaper as these can easily give an overpowering and claustrophobic feeling.

Think about your choice of flooring. As your hallway is going to be the highest traffic area chose a flooring which is light in colour and easy to clean – therefore, white or pale coloured fitted carpet is out of the question unless you're really brave or love cleaning! Wooden, tiled or stone flooring are far easier to clean, however, they can be echoy, so help to deaden the sound by using cheap rugs and barrier rugs to trap dirt and debris.

Anti-slip matting is a real godsend if your floor is polished. As we mentioned at the start of this post,  many hallways have glass partitions or glass panels as part of the front door, this means that it can lead to hallways becoming draughty and cool. Add curtains uk or small window blinds to use in the evenings and at night to help retain precious heat and give your hallway a homely and welcoming look.

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