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Cosy, winter interior design ideas 4: be bright & bold

You don't have to get the winter blues of you embrace another of this season's interior design trends and go bright and bold with your colour scheme to cheer you and your living space up! Although the economy may be a little gloomy the future is bright when it comes to interior design.

With the fabulous on-trend colours of burnt orange, teal blue, honeysuckle and plum all making their way into our homes this season why not go bold and opt for the more vibrant shades and hues to inject a new lease of life into your home. You can coordinate using cream or beige as your base colour, this neutral background will give you a blank canvass to which you can add as much or as little bold and bright colour as you wish.

If you've always stuck with muted shades or bland colours then you may need to take things easy or the vibrancy might just be a little overwhelming. Simple things such as changing your window dressing is a good place to start. Use neutral coloured window blinds and team with bright coloured curtains. Look for curtains fabrics online, simply add more colour to your room by making cheap cushion covers in vibrant shades.

You may like to add a variation and complimentary contrast by using a variety of patterns and textures, as long as the colours sit well together you can go as bright and bold as you wish. Another great way to introduce pops of colour to a room is by using cheap rugs. Opt for plain if you already have patterns in your décor otherwise they may play off against each other as they vie for attention.

Alternatively, if your room is virtually pattern free then you can add patterned rugs to bring a new dimension to the room. Play around and experiment, if you don't like a particular aspect, colour or texture in your living room think of ways to re-shape or re-model it to suit. Simple touches like adding a lace trim or embellishments to cushions and throws can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful interior.

Rather than abandoning soft furnishings look at ways to up-cycle and recycle them – maybe they'd look great in a bedroom or dining room – however, don't be tempted to keep things just for the sake of it, if you really don't like something then there's little point in having it in your home. Give all aspects of your room careful consideration before trying them, on the other hand don't sit on the fence and be shy otherwise you'll end up with the same bland and boring colours you've always had!

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