Student accommodation can be a nightmare. There's usually lots of restrictions and at the end of the day you just don't have the budget to start redecorating from scratch. Take a look at these cool student accommodation hacks and be inspired to make some changes to your digs. headboard-from-book-covers

Home Designing

Use brightly coloured files to make a headboard. a0bc28734759a02205799897da0d47c8


Cover a bare ceiling bulb with a net of old cds. maxresdefault


Recycle old magazines to make cute little storage pots. recycled-cardboard-bed-sheets

Bedroom Furniture

Use recycled cardboard bedsheets! They will keep you warm, but probably go a bit soggy in the wash!   glass-recycling-ideas-bottle-decor-16

Lush Home

Use empty wine bottles to create a stunning coffee table. vsct_6

Design Sponge

Turn an old suitcase into a little table. 95eecd02bd675bad32e247c3aabac13b


Don't worry about not having a wardrobe, simply put hangers on a length length of string and bunch them together and hang from a nail in the wall. cool-bedroom-decoration-from-one-of-15-creative-ideas-for-hang-christmas-lights-in-a-bedroom-decorating_large


Use lengths of sheer fabric and fairy lights to make a personalised space around and over the bed. 92577e3e3a544b7022c7b16280661e58

Pad Group

Go for the on-trend Maxed-Up interior design style and you won't have to worry about not having enough storage spaces.