Cool Rooms for Kids 7: Military Precision for Girls

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

In our last post in this mini-series were going to take a look at military precision for girls bedrooms. Any teenage girl who is following fashion will know that the military look is one which we see time and time again on the catwalk. Using the basis of a military or army style girl's bedroom can have the look with some feminine touches! Think along the lines of the film GI Jane to get ideas of how the military look can be soften down to give a touch of femininity without loosing the theme.

Of course, there are also 'Tom boys' to consider who'd rather take the whole army approach with camouflage bedding and militaria just the same as boys. If do are thinking along these lines a simple bed canopy with a military feel can be used in place of pretty, pretty princess styles. A bed canopy can be made from cream curtain fabric and curtain eyelets which can be simply threaded onto curtain poles or an existing bed frame. Single or double duvet covers don't have to be pink and lacy, olive green or khaki coordinated with creams and beige will work really well. Use large wall posters of tropical beaches to add femininity to the room and will also enable girls who want a career in the armed forces dream of far away places they may be sent to!

As with all of the kid's bedroom themes we've looked at this week, letting your child choose what style, colour, design and theme their bedroom is, is an important part of the development; you may hate the thought of your 'little princess' becoming a soldier, but in reality if that's their wish you should accept this and help them make their choices. The window dressing you choose can also help to bring a more feminine look, blackout curtains coordinated with net curtains may just be the balance you have to make!

Either way you'll end up with a window dressing that can be practical and functional and if you opt for plain rather than patterned fabrics you can keep the same window dressing should you need or when the time comes to redecorate the room. Other accessories could include plants, rugs, bed throws and cushions in a variety of green tones and different textured fabrics. Wooden bedside cabinets and wardrobes will fit nicely with the outdoor theme.

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