Cool Rooms for Kids 6: One for the Boys!

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

In this post we're going to take a stereotypical approach and give you some interior design ideas for boy's bedrooms using blue! When decorating with a colour you basically have two options; firstly you can use colour for your walls and flooring and secondly you can use your main colour for your soft furnishings, which include in this example a single duvet cover, bedding and curtains. We are all aware that you can use more colours as accents and don't forget that the colour of any wood will also be included as one of the accent colours.

As wooden and laminate flooring is continuing to rise in popularity many people are using these natural colours as one of their accents. Wood wall panelling, wood floors and unpainted or stripped window casings. The natural colour tones are very sympathetic and work well with any other colours in the room. An unwritten 'rule' in the world of interior design says that if you can't find a suitable colour for your window dressing opt for wooden blinds as they will coordinate effortlessly with all colours! Using blinds can also make rooms look larger, more especially when the are fitted close against the glass in the recess of the window.

The only problem you may encounter is if your windows open inwards as they do on the Continent, then your window dressing or blind will have to be fitted on the walls adjacent to the window casing. You could also use net curtains rods or tension poles to hand lightweight curtains. Tension rods work on a spring system which means you can fit them to the inside recess of any window and the tension between them holds them in place.

As we've seen this week storage has to be plentiful in kids-rooms irrespective of their age, however you may find that as they grow older the more storage they will need and this includes boy's! Boy's toys are just as important as girls toys and of course the term 'toys for boys' is really referring to young and older men rather than children! A bed in a bag will enable friends to 'crash' on the floor and will save you the headache of trying to find the bedding. If you're going for an masculine look camouflage bedding in blue rather than green stills provides a masculine look which isn't quite so military orientated and will see a young boy right through their teen years, making this bedroom style a cost effective one!

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