Cool Rooms for Kids 5: Mild or Wild!

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Your child's bedroom should reflect their personality and while there are many different personalities and traits it basically boils down to 'mild or wild' as these to words capture the crux of most children's personalities. Wild can mean anything from wild animals, the wild west or simply a wild imagination full of fabulous colours and ideas, whereas mild can be used to describe quieter children who love to read and like order and tidiness (yes, there really are children like that!).

Depending on how mild or wild your child's bedroom design is, you may wish to match the area rug with the curtains and single duvet cover. Fortunately, in the modern age of online shopping, one can find full bedroom sets, from storage bins to bookcases to throw pillows, in any colour or pattern your child might desire. With such an expansive variety available on the internet, you may well stumble across some astonishingly adorable furnishings and bedroom accessories that will have your child revamping their original design, so, it's worth taking the time to plan carefully and agree on colour schemes and themes before parting with any money!

Window dressings can be simple plain coloured blackout curtains or ready made curtains with animal prints. Blinds can also be used particularly if you want a dark bedroom and yet want lightweight fabric curtains to match the rest of the soft furnishings. Net curtains can easily be replaced with trendy voile panels as the same curtain rods can be used. Storage, as we've already mentioned in the posts this week, also need to be considered. Storage for clothes and toys. Simple boxes and baskets can be covered with fabric or paper to give them a trendy look which can be easily changed when you next decorate.

Older children and teenagers will also require a place for their computer and games consoles, along with shelving to display things they've made or been given. Young and older children like mobiles (not phones!) but those which hang from the ceiling! Make sure they are not placed anywhere a wild child may decide to swing from during play as this could lead to disastrous consequences. Voile curtains can be used to pin or stick posters and artwork and is a great way of not ruining paint or wallpaper. Simply use as a backdrop and hold in place with an lightweight curtain poles or tension rods and hang the objects from curtain hooks for tracks.

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