Cool rooms for kids 4: tweens

There comes a time when finding the right décor for your child can be difficult, the tween stage is the new label given to children who are beyond the age when 'Sponge Bob' is far too babyish and yet a teenage design is far too mature. This in between (hence the name 'tween') stage can be a difficult one to judge.

Children's bedrooms can be one of the most satisfying interior decorating projects of a home, if you are willing to let yourself go and have fun with it. Inviting your child to participate - looking at the room through his or her eyes - can make the often arduous work of redecorating an enjoyable bonding experience. You might even begin to view some of your other interior design plans differently.

The first step is negotiate and let them have their say, otherwise it will be like pouring money down a drain! You don't have to let them have everything their own way as undoubtedly this will be far too expensive, this is where yours and their negotiate skills step in. Bright, bold colours a good base from which to start. This will also allow plenty of freedom when it comes to selecting a plain or patterned single duvet cover or duvet cover sets if it is agreed that coordinating curtains will be a good idea.

You don't have to stick with the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls, bright greens, reds and oranges make a welcome change which can all have an accent of blue or pink tones if desired. The next obvious area to look at when creating an interior design scheme for a child's room, is flooring. The style of carpeting (i.e. woven plush or Berber, damask, tufted, etc.), though a more durable carpet, such as needle-felt may prove worth the investment in older children's rooms.

Hardwood or laminate flooring can help transform a child's room into a functional bedroom/playroom, providing a smooth, stain and damage resistant surface for playtime. After the toys are stowed, a nice woven or fuzzy cotton area rug (or whatever other style suites you best) can transform that same hardwood play-area into a soft and cosy place for quiet reading or listening to music.

Finally decide how much storage you actually need. How much floor/wall space do you have? Does your child need a bookshelf? The best thing you can do is have a list of what needs to be stored, where it is best placed for easy reach/convenience and then explore all the options. Have a bed in a bag handy for overnight sleep overs, these compact bags take the headache out of trying to find bedding and are easy to store.

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