Cool rooms for kids 3: play beds

Some of you may not like the thought of your child having a play bed, and yet if you're one of millions who have trouble getting your children to go to bed this idea may not be as bad as your thought! This week we've been looking at various camping and hideout bed room ideas and today we're taking a look at bunk beds and how to give them an individualistic look and each child their own privacy and space.

Bunk beds are an absolute godsend if you have a small bedroom which two children occupy. They've been around for years and still remain one of the most popular space saving pieces of furniture for children's bedrooms. I'm sure we remember can at some point during our childhood having to share a room and while it was great fun if it was friends or relatives staying over for a few days, sharing a room can be very tiresome for the long haul!

Today's modern bunk beds are available in a wide and very varies selection. From those we're there are two permanent beds to those which have a second pull-out bed for sleep overs. If you have a spare bed or even a single futon chair which can be easily made into a sleeping placing having a bed in a bag handy makes life far easier. Bed in a bag sets contain all you need to make up a bed, a single duvet cover, pillow slips and a sheet are all kept in the bag so you don't have to worry about trying to find suitable bedding at quick notice.

The bag keeps things handy for easy, space saving storage. Having an over bed tent for the top bunk and side curtains for the bottom bunk is a great way for both children to be given their own space and privacy. Some beds come with rods installed for hanging eyelet style curtains or you could use simple coloured net curtains and rods for a more impromptu, but effective way, to give each child a definite space of their own.

The top bunk tent arrangement can also be home-made by using pop-up tent, just make sure that it doesn't slip or slide by using cord to tie to the bed frame. Do make sure that the cord isn't too long and is firmly fixing to alleviate any potential choking hazard.

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