Cool rooms for kids 2: coastal camping

As we continue with our cool rooms for kids mini-series today we're staying with the idea of camping out and hideaways but this time with a relaxed and holiday feel. As we discussed yesterday kids love to have a space to call their own and nearly all kids love the idea of dens and camping out. This beach theme is in stark contrast to yesterday's post of camouflage bedding and the military.

This theme is cool and laid back allowing kids time to relax and unwind before bed time as well as being a light and airy space to play. A whimsical tent arrangement surrounding the bed provides a personal space and yet it's not too confining that it can't be shared with friends. Easy to clean gloss painted floorboards adds to the coastal theme while the whiteboard styled walls is reminiscent of holiday chalets and beach huts.

Choose a light, white window dressing which can be ruffled and billowed by the breeze coming through the open window. Plain net curtains or voile panels are ideal and can be hung from net curtain rods or tension poles to fit snugly inside the window's recess. A plain single duvet cover in pale blue, white or sandy yellow is all that's needed for the bed as the room speaks for itself. While an entire wall with a pixel image of the coast is ideal you don't have to have this to make the room look stunning. Let you child's imagination run free and allow them to display their beach-combing finds on shelves and ledges along with any artwork they produce.

A trendy chalkboard wall could also be used and this would also fit into the next theme your child moves onto! Keep a bed in a bag stowed away so that having friends to sleep over isn't a problem. Although having a fabulous bedroom means that your child will happily go and play or won't kick-up a fuss when bedtime comes, don't forget that to thrive they also need social interactions with other family members. However, when they do have a tantrum or simply need their own space a tent in their bedroom or playroom is the ideal place for them to get-away without actually leaving the house, so you don't have to worry about who they're with or where they are.

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