Contemporary interiors 7 – the best of black

They say that every room needs a touch of black. We have been through all the rooms in the house and revealed the secrets of contemporary decorating using this bold and dramatic colour in each of them. We hope that you are not so reluctant to introduce this colour into your home after reading through the tips, advice and suggestions we discussed this week. Black is a timeless colour to work with and will always work in chic interiors. To round things up, here is the 'best of black' - some further advice for using black and achieving an on-trend look for your dream homes!
  • Highlighting Small Spaces - There is always a plus and a negative to using black in smaller rooms or entry halls. If you have a good light source though, black does a great job of highlighting the details that are otherwise overthrown with lighter colours. The look is very sleek and smooth - which can give the impression of more space as lines and borders don't grab attention. If you are not convinced - use gloss or lacquered black to reflect light.
  • Take It To The Floor - Darker floors are more dramatic than light woods or tiles, acting as a statement in their own right. You can give existing wood floorboards a black stain or ink - with cherry wood carrying this transformation off perfectly. Black granite is also impressive for kitchens and bathrooms. Black and white chequered flooring is a classic flooring option that works really well in bathrooms or entrance halls for a sophisticated look.
  • Black For Furniture - Try a few statement pieces in black such as a wrought iron bed or a black leather sofa. Black dining furniture is formal and sophisticated. For those of you who like to use furniture as accents, such as a traditional chair in a contemporary space - black can make this work even better. It will frame the piece and give more options for colour and pattern on upholstered fabrics.
  • Experiment With Textiles - Black can be brought in to the home easier when you use it in fabrics such as ready made curtains or black and white bedding sets or a plain black duvet cover. You will get the look and feel of black without having a irreversible solution. Experimenting with textiles is the best way to discover if black is right for you and if so - how much are you willing to use?

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