Contemporary interiors 5 - black is black in teen's rooms

I would say that 99% of teens will go for contemporary over traditionally styled bedrooms. This is why we are looking at the prospect of using a black colour scheme - it is very on trend and seriously cool for teens. Before you go ahead with the decorating, always communicate with your child and find out if black will be okay for them. Teens go through phases and sometimes being a Goth will be just one of those phases. They will love you for black everything- but be careful, a year later it could be a different story! Have a look at our ideas for creating a contemporary teen's room in black.
  • It would be wise to add black where it can be easily changed when they tire of the scheme - which is quite possible! For a trendy girl's room, why not set a theme of Parisian-chic which they will appreciate for longer. The use of black is combined with almost equal amounts of pink and white. Larger items of furniture such as the bed and wardrobe could be painted in white with bedside tables in black for a cool contrast. One black wall will act as a feature wall, with the others painted white or a medium shade of pink. When choosing décor pieces and wall art - look for Parisian related items such as a photograph of the Eiffel tower.
  • We mentioned Gothic and if a Gothic theme is what they really want then you can't go wrong with black. Just draw the line before the room starts to imitate a dungeon or Vampire's lair! If you prepare yourself for the worst - you can always have suggestions at the ready. For example, if they beg for all four walls in black and you cringe - propose using a deep purple for three walls and just have a black feature wall. Give them metallic accents in lighting and choose cheap bedding sets with either a black and white print and team with white Venetian blinds or a rich red or purple colour.
  • Do it with stylish, modern furniture. A black bed frame with clean lines, black desk for school work and a black bedside table is a great start to designing a teens room in the darkest of colours. Choose black and white bedding with a monochrome pattern - girls will love the big blooms trend and boys might prefer an abstract print or stripes incorporating a third colour. A third colour is good to use as an accent to stop the room looking too formal or adult-like. A hot pink, aqua or lime green curtains and pillows, wall art and bedside lamps make the room more funky and unique.

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