Contemporary interiors 4 - black is black in the bathroom

In contemporary interiors, designers are trying to lift the old clichés in bathrooms by playing around with black - an interesting alternative to white. You might have seen the evidence of this already in modern hotel suites and interior design ideas on the web.

Black might not be the first colour you think of when in need of a bathroom update, but it does work surprisingly well. It could be the sleek and smooth finish of black that appeals to trend spotters or the touch of glam it gives for high maintenance types. Contemporary, chic and ultra cool - this time, lets begin with black in the bathroom!

  • We like large black tiles in the bathroom. Use them for flooring and for the walls - acting as a splash-back behind the bath and sink. It could close in the space if used to cover every inch of wall space - so try to leave the top third of the wall to be painted white or a very light grey. If you wanted something extra special, add a row of mini mosaic tiles in shades of cool blue and aqua around head height. This will break up the monotony of black and can be brought in with accents throughout the rest of the room such as towels or a decorative vase.
  • Gloss black is so glamorous and chic. It can even be used successfully in smaller bathrooms. Have a think about a white suite with grey tiles and a gloss black unit fitted under the sink. If you have room for more - look for a bathroom set with glossy black storage units for towels and various supplies. With grey floor tiles and the rest of the décor in white - this turns into a hip monochrome bathroom that is really on trend. Keep it minimalist by storing things behind closed doors and bring in a pop of colour such as a pink bath mat to coordinate with hot pink curtains!
  • There is more than enough celebration for black and white bathrooms - but the high contrast isn't for everyone. If you really want to try black but don't want the striking contrast of pairing it with white, grey is another option. White can be used too - but when you bring grey and cool metallics to the space it is easier on the eye and more tranquil. Cheap Venetian blinds can help to get this balance right when you choose those with a grey or silver finish.

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