Contemporary interiors 3 - black is black in the lounge

Black is one of the most used colours in interiors, although some will beg to differ. This is because although black creeps into most interiors - its existence is in details, borders, accents. Rarely is black used as a dominant colour because it is believed that it is too dark, too depressing and too dramatic.

Black can be used though to give substance to a room and continuity - in lounges this is important for comfort and also to form the basis of a contemporary look. We wish to share with you a few ideas for bringing black into your lounge for a beautiful and defined space.

  • The standard wall colour in lounges across the country is white or cream - that works well if you really wanted to have a black or dark sofa. So what happens when you just don't want 'standard' any more? Try a simple switch with black walls and white or light furnishings - an instant makeover that will surprise your guests!
  • To stop black from being too gloomy, think of light and life. Enhance light into the room by choosing sheer curtain fabrics for the windows such as voile curtains ready made, reflective surfaces such as mirrors and light-reflecting details in accessories and textiles. Have a think about sofa cushions in a metallic colour or with sequins to make your room sparkle. Life? That comes with potted plants and fresh blooms - hot colours such as pink or red are a good accent colour to dramatic black.
  • Speaking of reflective surfaces, the mirrored furniture that was first seen in the Hollywood Regency style has been given a contemporary makeover with some fantastic mirrored pieces such as end tables. They certainly make a nice change to wood furniture don't you think?
  • You can really go to town with all the black accessories for interior decorating. If you don't want to use black as the dominant colour of your lounge then do choose black or black and white accessories which add sophistication and a timeless look. This can be found in black and white photography in black frames, a black and white print rug, black or white Venetian blinds or lined voile curtains. Lamps, vases and artwork will also add a great finishing touch to the black lounge.

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