Contemporary interiors 2 - black is black in the dining room

Black never really goes out of fashion - even when you hear of 'brown is the new black' or 'grey is the new black'. The truth is - black can do things to decorating that no other colour can. In the dining room - what other colour can replace black for ultimate sophistication and drama? Our space for eating and entertaining will be enhanced by black even if it is just as an accent to a brighter colour such as red. The monochrome look of black and white is also a popular choice for café-style dining. If you want to read up on more ideas for decorating with black in the dining room - we invite you for a treat!
  • For drama queens, black is a real statement when used as a backdrop in dining rooms - black walls, black wooden floorboards with a black dining room at its centre. Even so, leaving it in this state is rather gloomy and we would like to see you add some softer colours to the mix. Lilacs, pink and cream will turn this around for a fresher take on a black space - a table runner or custom silk curtain fabric to be hung over the backs of the chairs and some candles as table decoration.
  • A common use of black in contemporary dining rooms is to use black dining furniture. This could be the starting point of decorating a formal dining room - but it could also be more relaxed and fun depending on how you approach the rest of the room's décor. For a modern, sleek look you should think about gloss finishes on the tabletop and perhaps leather upholstery for the chairs. Use smoky neutrals for the walls and for floor length tab top voile curtains. A glass chandelier will bring light and an added punch of style.
  • Look for curtain fabrics online that show you the range of patterns and prints using black as a main colour. Different materials using heavier fabrics or lightweight ones offer yet more choice. It would be a shame to just use plain black as there are so many fascinating prints and styles to choose from - diamanté effect for glam, art Nouveau prints for exuberance, florals for femininity and some quirky prints for a fun dining experience!

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