Contemporary Interior Design Ideas 1 - Black Is Black In The Bedroom!

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

We love contemporary interiors and we know that you do to! There are so many possibilities to updating your interior design and decorating that it can be a good thing when someone is there to help with specific aspects such as choosing colours. This time around we are looking at how to use black! When has black not been contemporary or evident in one or more of the latest design trends? Never!

Black has always been there whether as a dominant colour scheme or as an accent and it has real staying power. In bedrooms, black can be used to add glamour, drama, seduction, masculinity and so on and so on. Used with other colours it can bring about a host of other moods and atmospheres. It can be so many things - which is why we took it on ourselves to learn more about how black can be used in the bedroom. The best of what we found is written up below.

  • If you are already a fan of the drama that black can bring to interiors - painting your bedroom walls black is a daring yet easily accomplished change to your existing décor. This could be seen as diving in the deep end - but get it right and it is the optimum in cool. A large room will work this look best - create contrast and balance by choosing furniture and textiles in white for a monochrome look.
  • Sometimes black can be a blessing for those who have problems to unwind and get a good night's sleep. This is why black, black out curtains or blinds are very favourable for window treatments in that they block the light out. Personally, if you are going to have a black window treatment - floor length curtains ooze glamour and sophistication. If you start with black window treatments, you should pick up on black accessories elsewhere in the room for a cohesive finish. This could be achieved with a floor rug, black framed mirror or black headboard.
  • Dress your bed in luxurious black bedding such as a contemporary black duvet cover, black silk sheets, pillow covers and bed runner. If you want to go for detail then you might have to incorporate a second colour to the bedding and curtains sets such as white or pink.
  • For a good handful of readers, the thought of a dominant black colour scheme in the home is quite frightening. Thankfully, black is so flexible that it can be used as an accent in almost any colour scheme or design trend - even those that are ultra feminine could be updated with a touch of black. If this sounds like you then think about a black wrought iron bed that frames your chosen bedding and brings the bed forward as the room's focal point.

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