Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Contemporary interior design is all the rage at the moment, as people are attracted to the simplicity it has to offer. Abstract lighting, modular sofas and sleek sideboards can all help to achieve the contemporary look. If you're looking for a contemporary design, then you are essentially looking for neat and tidy too. Therefore, if your lounge or family room is a treasure trove of keepsakes, ornaments and other items, the contemporary look may not be suitable.

The mistake many people make when it comes to contemporary interior design ideas is they make it too clinical and cold. Minimalist does not mean anything and, when done right, it does not have to mean boring either. Whether you are planning on recovering your furniture, or buying brand new, you should choose one colour and stick to it. The idea of using one colour is you blend in different tones of the colour – for example, dark grey; medium grey and a lighter grey will make a great monochrome combination.

This idea of blending in different shades of the same colour, gives the room depth without appearing too busy. If you are redecorating, regardless of your room’s colour, your walls should be white, off-white or beige. This makes your walls a canvas, which will show off the beauty of your interior design rather than detract from it. Your floor covering should be plain and preferably white or grey. Avoid wooden flooring or tiles and carpets that have a loud or busy pattern. If you do have wooden flooring use large rugs to break-up the monotony.

Full length curtains are an absolute must in contemporary home design; keep them simple and light, as you want them to break up the room without taking too much focus away from it. Any additional furniture, such as chairs or a coffee table, should be simple and functional. Use basic wooden shelving to hold books or keepsakes, remembering not to overfill them. Outlandish wall art or photographs will not work well in a room you want to look contemporary.

Black and white prints and simple picture frames will add interest to your walls, without looking messy or out of place. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the room you are designing, you should attempt to make this the focal point. Install a plain fireplace surround and place a vase filled with your favourite long-stemmed flowers – fake ones will last the test of time but be choosy otherwise they'll look cheap and tacky! Place an ornate mirror above your fireplace to add the finishing touches to your room.

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