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You may love the idea of a contemporary styled living room, but you have to keep in mind that it's your home not a show house and whilst contemporary designs are neat and tidy at all times, you still need to feel as if the room's your own and not be afraid to use it as such. Keep your colour scheme simple using a maximum of three colours.

You don't have to stick to glacial white or dark colours, swap white for cream and black for graphite greys to create a visually stunning effect. Large pieces of wall art or a feature wall unit makes a focal point of the room, you could also opt for a contemporary wall mounted fire place, whichever you choose don't over do it or the look will be lost.

Bid, bold patterned wallpaper is on-trend and makes an ideal feature wall, monotones are easy to live with and create an ultra modern look. If you're fortunate and have a large room you can divide the space with a false wall or for a less permanent 'wall' try using roller blinds which provide a divider when rolled to the floor and can be lifted back up when you need more space. Remember to tie the two areas together with colour and the same flooring, lay wooden laminate flooring length ways rather than horizontally as the eye will automatically be drawn naturally from on area to the other.

Good quality flooring is essential and depending on your lifestyle and colour scheme will determine whether you opt for wood, polished stone or marble. Whilst these flooring options are ideal for contemporary designs they can be rather cold, unless you have under-floor heating, add rugs to soft the look and bring soft comfort to your feet.

Select your lighting with large, bold shades, but also make sure they provide enough light. Contemporary designs are about space and light, dingy light shades are definitely out whilst over-sized lighting brings your eye to the foreground. Just because you have a contemporary style doesn't mean you have to be wholly minimalist, opt for furniture with clean lines and choose accessories wisely. Your window dressing should also be in keeping with your overall theme.

If you have large windows try hanging a series of Roman blinds and have them all at slightly different lengths to give an on-trend look to your windows. Curtain fabrics which have big, bold patterns can also be used to make a dramatic statement at your windows. If you're looking for contemporary design ideas for bedrooms why not take a look at Monday's post?

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