Contemporary Designs – Dining Rooms

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As we have already seen to create a contemporary look you'll need to give serious consideration to your colour scheme, using up to three bold colours with one which is the most dominant and the other two being used as accent colours for table linen, diner services and soft furnishings, which includes the widow dressing. Many contemporary dining rooms are moving away from all white and returning to dark furniture.

However, there are some colours which are generally regarded to be avoided in dining rooms, as they are appetite suppressants; these include violet and pink as well as purple and black as these are associated with poisonous, think along the lines of deadly nightshade and you'll be able to see where the thoughts originate from! Blue is another colour which isn't recommended for dining rooms as it isn't associated with natural foods and does little to get gastric juices flowing!

On the other hand, shades of red and oranges are a great colour to use as they are instinctively associated with food, for example tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries and of course oranges. As black isn't popular, dark chocolate browns most definitely are – no need to give the reasons why! If you're dubious about using dark colours team it with a neutral tone on one wall and leave the other walls white or ivory for a very chic and stylish look.

Think about your window dressing to ensure that it blends with your colour scheme and doesn't try and steal the show from the room's focal point, which should be the dining room table. Voile curtains offer a soft and refined look, especially when you choose the same colour wood curtain poles to coordinate with your furnishings. As we have also seen throughout the week many contemporary designs are made for large rooms, however, you can still create a contemporary look in smaller rooms, just remember to ensure that the furniture are proportionate to the size of your room.

Use lighter colour combinations to give the illusion of more space. You can also mix old with new, however, contrasting styles look their best when they're not competing against one another, so think along the lines of plain walls, floors and curtains. Link pieces of differing ages using texture and colour on the dining room chairs and curtain fabrics. Be sure you don't neglect the 'no clutter' rule if you want to pull of the contemporary look successfully! Looking for ideas for contemporary designed lounges or bedrooms? Monday's and Wednesday's posts may provide you with the inspiration you're looking for.

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