Contemporary Designs - Bedrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Contemporary bedrooms have a number of key features which are essential if you're going to achieve the look in a stylish and dramatic way. One of the first things you'll notice is that contemporary bedrooms are about maximising space with minimal fuss. The colour schemes can be anything you like, from all white to black with vibrant accent colours. Whichever you choose you have to remain true to the colours and stick to them rigidly, no adding the odd ornament or wall art unless it is within the colour scheme and it will simply spoil the whole effect. Two colours are typical and the main basis of this style.

You'll also need to adhere to the clean lines and non-fussy approach. You can add personal touches such as looking for bedroom furniture which has sexy curved lines, with crisp white linen. Floating beds are also predominant in the latest contemporary designs, these are usually kings size or super kings size with the mattress sitting within the bed frame or having a wooden or fabric covered edging. Super king size bedding is now widely available online in a wide choice of colours, designs and patterns, there is no longer the need to have bespoke bed linen made to fit over sized beds! If you're looking for a contemporary retro look, don't forget to include oversized floor lamps rather than bedside table.

Keep the room to the bare minimum with regards to furniture. The bed should be the focal point within the room, whilst the window dressings and flooring should compliment the style of the bed. Polished flooring is becoming increasingly popular and is replacing wooden flooring in many contemporary designs. Window dressings remain on focus by using different textures of curtain fabrics, such as creased silk and taffeta to provide a relaxed and informal ambience which is stylish yet makes a statement without distracting or up-staging the bed.

If you have large windows a combination of blinds and curtains or black out curtains are ideal for contemporary apartments in cities where light pollution can be a problem. If you want to add pattern curtains, make sure the pattern is bold, large blooms are very on-trend at the moment. Keep walls plain, adding wall art or a statement headboard is all the decoration you need. Remember that 'less is more', keep the room devoid of clutter at all times and always make the bed if you want to give your bedroom the 'wow' factor every time you walk into the room!

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