Contemporary Designs - Bathrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

To create a contemporary bathroom you should, ideally, have a large bathroom with sufficient room for a free standing bath or a luxurious corner bath with jacuzzi! In the real world not many people's homes have huge bathrooms, however you can still create a stunning contemporary look and style by adopting a few simple rules.

As with an contemporary design the first thing you have to do is de-clutter! This style does not lend itself to half empty shower gel and shampoo bottles being left on the side on the bath! If your short on storage use a vanity unit under the sink or have open shelving on which to place on-trend wicker baskets to hide away your toiletries and yet still keeping them easy accessible.

Lay a rug on the floor rather than the more traditional three-piece bathroom sets, the type which has a mat for round the loo and basin pedestal and a bath mat, as these will only date the room and are not included with contemporary designs. Carpets are a definite no in contemporary bathrooms, instead opt for polished tiles, floorboards or laminate flooring which is water resistant.

Large vanity units with a veneered top, similar to a kitchen worktop are ideal for bathrooms and enable you to select wooden Venetian blinds in the same colour to bring the room together and create a sense of balance. Add splashes of colour, especially if you're getting fed up with an all white bathroom. This is a cost effective way to bring a white bathroom suite right up to date. Look for bright, bold patterned roller blinds and coordinate with towels and the rug, for an up to the minute look, bold striped patterns will work equally well.

If you prefer the clean lines of white add warmth by incorporating natural bamboo accessories such as a bamboo blind, wooden duck-board rather than a rug and wooden storage racks. Small bathrooms can be made to look bigger by using mirrors, and as all bathrooms need a mirror select frames which compliment your colour scheme to add real impact to the room.

Contemporary bathrooms don't necessarily have to have fully fitted units, go for the modular effect if you're on a budget as these will give you an on-trend look and free standing cupboards can be taken with you when you move! This is also ideal if you live in rented accommodation.

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