Contemporary Bedrooms – How to get the Soft Macho Contemporary Look

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Contemporary design for men is a growing trend that is long overdue. While a no-frill attitude is taken, a rich and prestigious look can still emerge. Begin with favourite colours, add bold textures, and create a new mood of excellence. Here is a design, perfect for a loft apartment that blends a busy life with a blissful area of rest. Simple, Structured and Dominant Using darker colour shades of olive or wine, walls can introduce a mellow, tempting space for slumber. With a solid wall of windows, or a strip of tract lighting on a bare wall, the dark colours will become an open space of contentment. One bed, one night stand and one narrow dresser, in matching shades, will suffice for a simple, structured look. By choosing the right bed and duvet covers wisely, a picture of your own dominant character will emerge. Easy to Care For Bed A square or slightly curved headboard, covered with leather can bring texture to the room. Brown, black or grey-covered, your headboard will need no more drama. The simpler the duvet covers, the better. A thin, cord-woven cotton blend, that matches the colour of the headboard, can be tucked beneath the mattress for a military presence, or leave hanging to the floor for a softer tone. A bedding sale can deliver 120-count, or higher, thread sheets that will stay crisp and sharp. Use a bright and lighter shade than that of the walls, to add a vibrant touch. Accessories Select a favourite vase, plant or lamp, in the identical colour shade of the bed sheets. This will add just the right balance of colour to offset duvet sets of a darker shade. For the window, ready made Roman blinds will put you in control of sleeping during the day or night. White is the perfect colour to offset the rich, dark tones that dominate. Toss around a couple of cheap rugs that match the headboard and your room is complete. By using this simple contemporary method, the bedroom delivers a macho feeling, yet has a touch of vibrant contrast, bringing out an individual style. Make sure when shopping for duvet covers, a flat style is selected. For added warmth, visit a bedding sale that has familiar-toned wool or flannel blankets to drape over the foot of the bed. Your bedroom has now been transformed from neutral and stark, to bold and impressive; a design that anyone would enjoy coming home to.

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