Contemporary Bedrooms – How to get the look using Refined Contemporary with Curves and Swirls

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
A contemporary bedroom style can become passionate and pleasing with very few changes. By keeping your natural feel of beige and brown, try these ideas for an improved change that you will love. Below are some hints and tips on how to bring your bedroom bang up to-date without the need for a complete refurbishment. Storage and Closets Bespoke closets, stretching from floor to ceiling, not only expand your floor space, but will add balance with cleaner lines and a built-in look. By using the same shade of colour as your ceiling, watch as an even flow transcends throughout the room. The amount of storage space gained, will also allow you to organise, without buying additional furniture. Highlight your Bed A simple, wooden headboard will take on new lustre when placed against a wall of large curls in brown, light charcoal or gold. Floating, like a sea of waves, the curves and swirls will highlight any number of duvet sets. A soft, linen or light lemon colour, made of lightweight cotton and polyester, will add an appealing flavour. Bedspreads in solid colours are easy to find, and are often in clearance sales. Soft, Structured Lighting Use your creative wallpaper to bring a new design of lighting within your space. A hanging ceiling light, with a round, linen shade, instead of an overhead flush-mounted fixture will soften your evolving contemporary design. Add a hanging light above a night stand that is small, glass, and cylinder in shape. For extra light around your closets, use one or two, square recessed ceiling lights that emphasise, but not obvious. Finally, bring the room together with an area carpet, exposed 2-3 feet from beneath the bed frame. Cheap rugs in white or beige, with a scalloped design will take your new look and combine all, beautifully. None of these changes are expensive but can make a dramatic change to a tired, contemporary bedroom that needs a bit of freshening up. Keep your eyes open for duvet sets or bedspreads that will be going on sale, and start collecting everything you need. Cheap rugs are always available online, along with a wide selection of lamp shades. Take your time in finding just the right wallpaper that has a bit of elegance and character. By updating a few areas in your bedroom, you will see a major difference with a more refined look, while keeping your beloved contemporary style.

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