Contemporary Bedrooms – How to get the look by Romanticising your Bedroom

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
It can be difficult to reach a balance between two people that share a bedroom when it comes to style. Contemporary design seems to be a good option, but after awhile, the space just loses all pizazz. Liven up your favourite space with changes that appeal to both you, and your partner, by using colour, texture and depth. The result will be an appealing contemporary bedroom that not only enlightens, but brings a touch of romance. The Grand Stand Mystery and romance go hand-in-hand with a combination of compatible colour tones, using your bed as the grand stand. Take the colour wheel, spin it and stop at an agreed upon colour. If you select blue, use your imagination and run all the way from a deep royal blue to a light aqua. If your partner is stuck on burgundy, you can make this work, too. Burgundy, red, and pink are all really hot colours for mixing up and presenting a luscious place to rest. Make the headboard your centre stage by crafting a larger than life explosion of burgundy. Use cheap curtain fabric and cover a majestic sized board with foam and a burgundy velvet-like material. Make your board tall and majestic, or long and sculptured. Whatever mood strikes you for a romantic adventure. Use white or black side tables that are neutral and do not disarm your look. Yummy Candy Colours of Red Look at bedspreads that are filled with colourful pinks, reds, and wines. Large squares, pencil lines as borders or stripes that accent, without being overbearing can look luxurious, without fighting for the grand stand. Get ideas by visiting cheap curtain fabric shops online where tufted buttons or braid can give you wonderful ideas. Use white sheets to really make your colours stand out and put a touch of femininity of fancy embroidery along the edges of the pillow cases. A vase filled with pink flowers, mixed with wooden statues, allows male and female favourites to come together in harmony. Hang a gathered voile against the windows. During the evening, open a window, just a crack, so that the wind blows the panels in a mysterious, soothing way. Next, light a few natural-scented candles, put in an old movie, lay back, and enjoy the company of your partner. Your new room will be one where feelings are shared and where a new type of passion can begin to take over.

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