Contemporary Bedrooms - How to get an Updated Classic Contemporary Look

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
Many people choose classic contemporary as a safe and acceptable tone of design. But there is nothing ordinary about these new ideas that will show you how to sprinkle colour, and comfort, into an awesome bedroom setting. Furniture Redo Contemporary night stands, chests and dressers, are commonly found in natural wood or painted wood. These pieces are fine for portraying fresh accessories that will sound off your new room. If you feel that your bed frame is lacking lustre, the best way to address this problem, is through colour and texture. Simple headboards can be covered with cheap curtain fabric that make a dramatic difference in how your bedroom feels. Take an oblong wood headboard and cover with an olive or chestnut suede. Place the material over a layer of 1-inch foam and watch as your senses emerge, triumphantly. Duvet Sets that Charm Your search is now on for duvet sets that blend beautifully with your new headboard. A first thought may be to use a matching colour. However, this will make your suede colour and texture, less impressive. Flat, simple and airy will magnify your headboard. Use the neutral colours of your walls when looking for bedspreads. Visit a bedding sale and look at duvet sets that are not busy, but have a slightly sewn texture. Once your room is finished, return with ideas for selecting the perfect colourful throw pillows. Window Treatments This is the perfect area to expose another new classic contemporary idea. Replace those tab top curtains with ready made Roman blinds, sporting wide vertical stripes that deliver character to the room. Now you can use the same colour. as your headboard, in stripes, against a natural background. Stand back and see what a difference you have made with just a few easy changes. Now, fill in the gaps with a an abstract picture, and your favourite memorable items. By this time, you will be able to look at your bed and know exactly what type of throw pillows will add just the right touch to your room. You may also see that some more defined picture frames will bring out the best in family photos. If you are afraid of making a change, get some sample swatches of cheap curtain fabric in favourite colours and textures. Play with different ideas in your mind and you will find just the right combination, for now or later, in updates to your contemporary look.

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