Contemporary Bedrooms – How to get an Elegant Mix-Up

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
Contemporary design does not have to be all straight lines and neutral colours. By borrowing timeless items and modern façades, you can bring a new dimension of style to a hum-drum bedroom. Start with a few of these different ideas to add to your personal preference in contemporary style, and see where it takes you. The results will show you how mixing designs up, allows you to have it all. Create a Mod Headboard A headboard is the perfect place to begin with testing the waters of incorporating modern style with passive contemporary. Make an artful statement by mixing up different textures, using cheap curtain fabric. Gather yards of velvet and voile that share tones of your furniture, and wrap the headboard in different angles. Ideas will abound as you see certain shapes and uniqueness begin to emerge. Rich Traditional Lighting Use an elegantly scrolled chandelier to add richness, but stay with plain, neutral mini-shades to bring a blended form to your contemporary style. Find a small modern lamp and use a shade that compliments your newly structured headboard. Your windows should offer natural lighting with sweeping voile or sheers that accept the crisp, clean sunlight. For privacy, add ready made Roman blinds that are white or natural in colour. Downplaying the Bed With too much pomp in duvet sets, your headboard will become confusing. Visit a bedding sale and pick out flat, crisp sheets and covers. By downplaying the view of the mattress area, eyes will be drawn to your artistic headboard. Use a couple of throw pillows that accent the textures used in your main attraction, but leave the mattress paraphernalia, sharp and appealing. Glass, china and mirrors can add modern and traditional accents on contemporary styled tables and dressers. A spray of flowers will fit beautifully with your sunlit bedroom. By experimenting with different items, a contemporary look can stay, but be easily updated, from time to time. The key is to stay within your colour scheme and let natural light highlight new pieces of beauty. Later on, you may wish to change the colours or formation of your headboard, so keep an eye out for cheap curtain fabric and bedspreads through fabric and bedding sales. Tastes in décor can change over time. By learning how to use mixing and matching in your contemporary bedroom, you will never tire of your room and have many new ideas.

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