Contemporary Bedrooms – How to get a Dramatic Look

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
Ideas for contemporary design can be as low key or as dramatic as you allow. The main point to remember, is to stay with just a couple of colours that are complementary to one another. Brown and beige, blue and yellow, or black and white, are combinations that can bring life to a bedroom, without losing your style. Black and White Tones Black and white can turn a bedroom into a modern, up-scale feel, without compromising on chic style. With traces of gold sprinkled throughout, let your mind go wild in your selection of material to use. Make a dramatic statement by covering everything with a solid or print black and white material. Curtains, upholstery on a chair, headboard, and even a skirt, can bring a tantalising upbeat tone to a tired bedroom. Easy-to-Make Curtains One of the easiest types of window treatments to make, are tab top curtains. Once you have decided on your choice of material, make these floor length beauties and set against voile or sheer panels. This change, alone, will get you moving to do more. Chairs and Settees Upholstery updates can be a little more difficult. You may want to seek the aid of a local upholstery shop to professionally cover a side chair or settee with your matching fabric. If you have an Ottoman, throw it into your project, as well so that your room has a cohesive and balanced look. The Focal Point Who doesn't want the bed to be the main attraction in a contemporary style bedroom? For real drama, create a backdrop of colour against your existing headboard by placing a larger, fabric covered board behind your simple header. Make it as small, or large as you dare, keeping within the proportions of your area. Use duvet covers in simple, solid black or white, but add a skirt of your patterned material. Now you can stand back and be wowed with the changes made. Finish up the job with a gold plated lamp, gold picture frames and matching accessories of mirrors and white china vases. Visit online fabric stores and get an idea of how you can update your space by using black and white, or select another combination of colours. The dramatic change from cheap curtain fabric and from covering cheap cushion covers, will bring an awesome and dramatic contemporary life to your favourite room, and you, too.

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