Potty training your toddler can be challenging for any new parents. When bed time comes around the steps you take to positively reassure your toddler and getting them settled into a new sleep routine is sure to help them have a much better attitude to the whole toilet training experience. Making a routine to stick to should help prevent any accidents, built up anxiety in your toddler and not to mention extra laundry for mum. So here are some easy to use bed time toilet training tips to help put together a positive potty routine to get your toddler through bed time’s accident free.  
  1. Make it waterproof: It’s inevitable that in the early stages of bed time potty training your little one there will be a few accidents along the way, resulting in a lot of bundled sheets to wash the next day and the frequent cleaning of a mattress. Although to make life a little easier for yourself investing in a waterproof mattress topper maybe the way to go. It’s sure to make cleaning up any little accidents much easier for either mum or dad whilst also keeping your toddler’s mattress in good condition.
  2. Limit the bedtime drinks: Make sure your toddler doesn’t drink too much before its bed time; because the more they drink the more likely they are to need the toilet. Fizzy drinks or tea’s are best to be avoided due to the sugars and content in them which may prevent your toddler from sleeping. However if they do get thirsty offer them an ice cube instead to keep them hydrated and by doing so it’s not filling them so much with fluids to potentially cause an accident.
  3. Comforting and reassurance:  In the cases where you’ve already began to try potty training your little one at night and it’s not going so well, they may become slightly anxious in the run up to bed time. The best thing to do is to reassure them and give them plenty of cuddles before bed time spending quality time together to keep their minds off the night ahea.
  4. Create a calming bedtime space:  Without a doubt many toddler’s as much as we love them make a mess in their bedroom, although the key here is to create a calming bedtime space that will help your little one to relax. So remove any unnecessary clutter or items that might distract them so that they can and wind down before going to sleep.
  5. Make rewards:  When your toddlers had a successfully dry night the best way you can reinforce their job well done is by creating a “rewards system” to accompany your night time routine. This could be a specially made star chart where for each dry night your little one receives one star sticker as a positive reward. There are also rewards such as a sweet, drawing materials or something your little one favour’s to help motivate them on their job well done.