When it comes to innovation and resourcefulness designers come up with some fabulous ideas. Of course they're all competing against one another to find the designs that will make them stand out from the crowd. Within the world of interior design virtually anything goes! Giving everyday objects and furniture a new lease of life is all part of the design process. Some are clever, others are down-right wacky – either way you'll agree that many are simply too good to pass-by.  


An antique dresser is emerged and enlarged with the addition of a contemporary design. The end result is amazing.  

The Bloom in Couch

This stool is so confused! It used to be a pair of jeans on someone's legs, now it's a stool with it's own legs and boots!  

Architect Lover

Chairs that were once sat on have now become coat hooks on a wall.  

Decorating Files

A table inspired by a spilt tin of paint.  

Design Sponge

It's little wonder this suitcase is confused – once packed with clothes and taken on holiday it now stays at home as a side table.


No longer wanted as a place to wash this bath has now become a stylish sofa.  

Glam Grid

This car is no longer road worthy as it's been chopped in half to make a desk!  

Scrap Hacker

Once home to wire and cord this spool has transformed into a coffee table.  


Okay, so you shouldn't pinch shopping trolleys, but I bet this one is much happier now that it's a table and chair.  

Ispace Design

Oh I'm so confused – I used to live on my own to plug a wine bottle and now I'm amongst others as a chair!  


This old boiler has now become a punk steam bath!  


Flying across the world day after day life has changed dramatically as this piece of fuselage is now a part of a bed – that's what I call coming down to earth with a bump!  


The guitar has long gone and now this old case has become a place to store books.  

Jeff Musser Blog

Am I meant to be dancing or hosting a place to eat?  

House & Garden

I'm confused – am I meant to stand here for the rest of my life? - well at least I won't have heavy footsteps wearing me out!

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