The days of having a choice of pain or wallpaper on our walls has long gone thankfully. Today there's an exciting choice of wall coverings available to suit every decorating style and budget. Take a look at these amazing wall coverings – you'll never settle for boring again!

DIY Network

Tiny mosaic mother-of-pearl tiles that glimmer and sparkle will given your home a touch of luxury.  

Pop Sugar

Resembling the 'homes' you put in your garden for bugs and butterflies this circular wood gives an up-dated look to rustic. If you use the right wood or driftwood and it will be ecco-friendly as well.  

Lisa Melvin Design

Ripple effect wall coverings provide an attractive look which evokes the visual effect of waves gently lapping the shore line.  


You'll never view concrete in the same light – this tactile wall is pure raw concrete – without any fancy or twiddly bits!  


Timber panelling provides a wonderful visual and tactile experience.  


If you've ever wondered what to do with your jigsaw puzzles here's a fabulous way to put them to good use – far nicer than making a completed puzzle into a picture – that is so passée!  

Amazing Decoration

One of the biggest trends in wall coverings are 3D with lighting fitted behind, creating some fabulous diffused light effects which enhances the 3D beautifully.  

Interior Design

Go bold, contemporary rustic with hewn logs; they not only give a stunning look they also make your room appear naturally warmer.  

Pop Sugar

If you love knitting this has to be the wall covering for you!  


Amazing 3D wallpaper with shelves 'built-in'.  

Home Designing

Another stunning 3D effect is created using a simple repeat pattern.  


If you love patchwork you'll adore this leather and skin patchwork/mosaic design.


Go 'green' and have a living-wall in your home.  

OB Blog

Beautiful 3D wall covering made from congregated cardboard.  

Home Designing

Today you can transport yourself to anywhere in the world with the use of fantastic photographic imagery.  


Recycled wood is used to give the bottom half of the wall a unique look.    


The ideal wall covering for a library or reading nook – just use the pages of an old book!  


There's no need worry about any types of wall covering if you have glass walls – you may need curtains at night to stop prying eyes.  

 Design Home

Recycle your photographs by covering an entire wall with them.  

Home Designing

Wooden blocks are used to create this fabulous bedroom wall. The natural graining of the woods and their natural colourings provide all the visual stimulation you need.    

 Home Interior Designs

There's an interior design trend of using enlarged maps as a wall covering – you can have old styles or those which are bang-up to date.  

Sport Life

If you're one of many that has taken your collection of beer cans to more than a few you could always use them to cover your walls!  

CRT Studio

Acoustic wall coverings, complete with built-in lights is a must for any luxury home studio.    

Smart Home Architecture

Geeks of all ages will adore this circuit board wall covering.