Colour moods – under a grey cloud

Not a very positive sounding title, however sometimes we all feel like we're living under a grey cloud! On a cheerier note this post will look at sleeping under a grey cloud in a metaphorical way by looking at bedrooms with a grey colour theme and also the impact grey can have to give a stunning look to home offices or workstations.

As we know one of this year's biggest interior design trends is the use of natural elements and none more so that metal. This can be expressed as the precious grey coloured metals such as platinum or silver or the latest gun metal greys and beautiful brushed steel effects seen in fixtures and fittings which include curtain poles UK, the legs or supports of tables, chairs and coffee tables. The darker shades of grey can have quite a masculine feel which is ideal for boys bedroom, and makes a real alternative to the more traditional blue.

Grey coloured duvet sets are an ideal starting point for achieving a trendy and very stylish. As grey is a neutral colour in can be coordinated with a wide choice of contrasting colours including yellow, blue, green and red, however team it with pink and a whole new interior design conception can be achieved which is ideal for bedrooms and lounges. For a modern or contemporary interior different shades of grey stripes will make a real impact in a bedroom, especially if the bed frame is metal. Horizontal stripes will also make a bed appear wider and although an optical illusion can also make a room look bigger!

Providing crisp, clean lines grey horizontal stripes which have bands of vertical stripes creates a stunning look which is easy on the eye. If white is included within the colour tones this makes life very simple as white painted walls and ceilings are probably the easiest and cheapest wall coverings, ideal for those on a tight budget. Grey coloured Cheap roller blinds in grey would make the ideal window dressing for an office, alternatively cheap Venetian blinds in aluminium will provide you with privacy and control of the amount of light entering the room.

Either way both window dressing are more than functional they can bring the whole design theme together with a sense of cohesion and balance. This post concludes this mini series on colour moods for the time being. For other colour theme inspired by 'moods' take a look at parts 1 -5.

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