Colour moods – tickled pink

It may have seemed a long cold winter, however, spring is on the way and what better way to brighten your home and lift your mood than using vibrant pink colour combinations in your home. The expression 'tickled pink' has such a fun sound and is thought to derive from the meaning to be delighted and to the fact that some people get so excited their skin turns pink - hence they are tickled pink!

Pink is within the warm colour ranges and is available in a wide palette of shades and hues from the palest pinks which verge on white to the brightest neon pinks. Although this colour has gained a stereotypical association with females and more particularly girls the barriers are being broken down and we now see males wearing various shades of pink in their attire. Both red and pink denote love, however whilst red is representative of hot passion, pink is romantic and charming making an ideal colour to use in bedrooms.

Use pink to convey playfulness, think along the lines of pink flamingoes for a modern and vibrant look. Alternatively use pastel pinks to denote tenderness which is a good idea for guest rooms. Multiple shades of pink and light purple or other pastels used together retain the soft, delicate and playful nature of pink. Add strength with darker shades of pinks, purple and burgundy or use a contrasting colour such as a shade of grey within the same colour range to create a very chic and stylish look to your home which has both feminine and masculine qualities.

For a fresh spring look, pink and green are fabulous colour combinations which remind us of blossom and the new life spring brings forth. A great place to start introducing pink into your lounge is curtains or blinds. As the sun shines a beautiful soft and gentle warmth will be bought into the room. Use in conjunction with white to create a crisp clean and refreshing look to a room.

A combination of pink Roman blinds and soft floaty voile curtains are the perfect choice for all styles of home. Stick to the softer colours if you have an older style home or opt for the bright neons to give chic style to modern and contemporary interiors. In bedrooms pink bedding sets adds a touch of romance without being too overpowering. Add accessories in the form of boudoir cushions, bed runners and matching curtains to give a refined elegance to your bedroom. Image: Belle Maison

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