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Colour moods – part 1 - the blues

The association between colour and the way we feel has been researched and studied for many years. Many people, professionals and non-professional believe that colour does not only cause emotional reactions it can also be used to 'correct' mood and well being.

Further recent studies also suggest that we don't actually see colour but 'feel' it instead, with many scientists now believing we each feel colour in our hearts and not in our heads. Of course this is an opinion and open to conjecture however, it is evident that colour plays a significant role in our lives and the way we feel, hence the abundant phrases which related colour to the way we feel and the mood we are in. As such this is were using the right colour within your home plays and important part in not only the overall appearance of our interior but also in the way we feel about our homes.


It is suggested that colour behaves in three basic ways; active, passive and neutral therefore if you remember the basics between the three actions you can decorate your home for success along with emotional and psychological benefits.

Along with the three basic behaviours colour also falls in the groups of hot and cold colours, for example if you want to create a warm living room incorporate colours with a warm colour tone such as reds, and oranges.

The blues is an expression which is used when people are feeling low and lethargic therefore if you use blue in a room does it automatically feel low? The answers is no, not necessarily!


Blue falls with the passive colour behaviours making it ideal for use in bedrooms and whilst there may be those who believe that blue will make you feel cold this will be dependant on the shade or tone you choose.

Opt for the soft subtle shades of blue and it is believed to help people unwind and sleep well. Combine blue with neutral colours to get the balance right. Cream, pinky greys and beige are ideal complimentary colours. Use soft sky-blue in bedrooms which have plenty of natural light, use with yellow and the room will take on a whole new warm feeling and dimension.


Look for blue luxury bedding or curtains with a touch of the paler shades of blue such as Cubik curtains or pale blue lined voile curtains to create a soft and gentle look which is conducive to sleep.

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