Colour moods – green with envy

Despite this sounding rather negative as it's not very nice being envious, one can't help but admiring some of the wonderful interior designs which focus on using the colour green. As we know colour plays an important part in our lives and can change the way we feel, our moods and even down to our happiness. Green is the colour associated with new life in spring, vitality, energy and is a very positive colour to use within your home.

As green is directly related to nature it is commonly used promote 'green' products. Surprisingly there are a number of people who really don't like the colour green and yet with so many shades and tones to choose from it is rare not to find a splash of green somewhere in everyone's homes, even if it is just the green of a plant or the foliage on a vase full of flowers!

Green is the colour of nature. It symbolises growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. It also has strong emotional correspondence with safety making it the ideal colour choice for children's bedrooms. It is the most restful colour for the human eye and is said to improve vision, it also suggests stability and endurance making a great colour to choose in a study or home office.

Dark green is also commonly associated with money as it provides a refined and opulent look making it the perfect colour choice if you want to achieve a style of grandeur within your home. Dark green is associated with ambition, greed, and jealousy so use it wisely otherwise you may send out the wrong messages to family and guests! Aqua is associated with emotional healing and protection, again making it a good colour choice to use in bedrooms either as the window dressing or with duvet sets and bedding.

Olive green is the traditional colour of peace and therefore is another great colour to choose for guest rooms. Whether you decide to use green in its various different shades or chose to coordinate it with another complimentary colour is a matter of personal choice! More traditionally styled homes may prefer the first option and use various tones and shades of green to create a relaxed and very stylish interior.

Whereas a contemporary interior will look stunning if zesty lime green is teamed with deep rich aubergine. Try teaming bright green Roman blinds with pink sheer voile curtains to create a modern look which is very chic and stylish, providing a mixture of different textures to enhance the beauty of your windows beautifully. Image: Source unknown

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