Colour moods – feeling peachy!

The title just oozes the delicious warmth of fresh summer peaches! Soft and warm this colour belongs within the reds and oranges with subtle undertones of each. To say you're feeling peachy simply means you're well and feeling great! This conjures up a some wonder soft tones which blend beautifully either other soft tones and makes a stark contrast to the brighter, deeper hues found in Mediterranean inspired interiors.

Although peach reminds us of warm summer days its deeper tones are seen in velvet fabrics, providing depth and warmth the ideal combination for both curtains and bedding within homes of all styles. If you want a room to get noticed without screaming, consider the colour orange which demands attention. The softer oranges such as peach are even friendlier and more soothing. Peachy oranges are less flamboyant than their redder cousins but still energetic and radiate warmth making them a friendly, inviting colour.

Tones of orange are mentally stimulating as well as sociable. Use it to get people thinking or to get them talking round the dining room table by using peach coloured eyelet style curtains which are perfect to hang from a curtain pole across a patio or French doors to bring a sense of cohesion to the room. Add further touches of the same shade of peachy on the table itself either by fresh flower flowers such as beautiful peach coloured roses with their contrasting dark foliage or in spring peach coloured tulips can add a bright new feel to the room.

At sunsets the light in peach themed rooms becomes beautifully golden and a nurturing feeling to remember. Creating soft lighting effects through peach colour voile curtains offers a friendly and sensuous feeling making it ideal for use in bedrooms. However, you shouldn't just use peach alone, team with with contrasting colours such as green to provide a natural fresh look to your rooms. These colour combinations are ideal in the bedroom, particularly guest rooms, as they create a friendly yet lively look.

The paler shades of peach will also help to make small rooms larger especially those which are north facing and don't get much natural sunshine. Opt for duvet sets in peach tones and use white or cream ready made curtains UK to bring the room together beautifully. If you have a large and imposing room the darker peach shades which border on orange are ideal for creating a look of luxury and warmth, so if you live in a home with large windows peach curtains highlight the natural warmth of parquet or stripped floorboards perfectly! Image: Interior Divine

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