Colour infusion with orange 5: dining rooms

The dining room is a great place to try out orange, if you don't feel comfortable to live with it full-time! Like red, orange is a warm colour that stimulates appetite and thought - two things which are good to bring to the table, especially when you have some guests over. Remember how we said back in our first post - this isn't a hue just to be celebrated in Autumn; it is a hue that can energise the home throughout the seasons. If you need some inspiration then look no further - we plucked out two dining rooms that show just how well orange works in this room.
  • Just like there is no better room to experiment with a vibrant colour - there is no better room to experiment with a combination of vibrant colours! Our first example is not for the shy as it brings together pink and orange for a modern twist on the Bohemian look - its even a bit 'hippie' if you like! With the pink it becomes very feminine, but the good news is that you could just as well use a neutral in place of pink such as beige and it becomes more 'unisex'. White is needed here to give the room some air - go with white painted floorboards and ceiling. Use wallpaper to give the room more character - a vintage floral print in a muted orange or light dusky pink creates a wonderful setting.
Central to the room is your dining table and chairs - a selection of vintage wooden pieces with an aged look or painted over in white. Pick out your orange again with ready made curtains, floor rugs and a table runner, all the while keeping an eye out for fabrics containing both orange and pink. Choose typical bohemian accessories such as old candlesticks and wall clocks - but paint them in a bright colour to make it more fun!
  • If you don't have a whole dining room but rather a section of the kitchen, you can still bring in a touch of orange - with so many tones, it is a sure thing that orange can compliment all neutrals. If you have for example a white kitchen, our next little idea will be just the thing for you! You have to contend with limited space and yet you still want your little dining nook to be something special. Consider painting the wall next to where you intend on dining, a great colour for orange and a major trend this year is a warm grey-brown. If you have a window nearby then dress her up with a vertical blind in white to offer a little privacy and some light control.
A dining table should be simple with clean lines and just enough room to fit two people when pushed against the wall - go with white to match your kitchen units and skinny legs. Bring the pop of orange to the chairs, which should be something modern and easy to stack away/move around when needed. Small décor pieces for the wall will help to define this space - a slim mirror, open shelf in white and a mixture of displayed candles and flowers (also in white).

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