Colour infusion with orange 4: bedrooms

Why would you choose orange for a bedroom? For one, it is great for shared bedrooms as it is neither too masculine or too feminine - especially when paired with a neutral such as grey. Second, it brings warmth and a little energy to rooms with a rest/play ethos and then there is the fact that orange has a strong sense of character - in a room where you can be confident about showing off your individuality. So that has answered the question for you! Now lets dive into this post and discover some of the many ways you can incorporate orange into your bedroom décor.
  • Who ever said a pokey bedroom couldn't pull off a bright colour? It can be done and you might just be thankful to have taken the chance. In our first bedroom, we imagined a small loft room but it could be any room - small or large for that matter! A light to medium wood floor and white walls as the shell; furniture is minimal with a futon style bed, a small rustic wood side table and some white open shelving for storage. The bed has a little twist with the use of vibrant orange pillow covers and bed sheets, with a cosy white duvet cover folded back to reveal the orange underneath. Woven baskets on open shelving store little essentials and a collection of orange vases and bedside table lamps UK pick up the colour again on the bedside table. If you want more décor - an assortment of white framed prints grace the wall behind the the head of the bed.
  • Our next bedroom idea is quite eccentric and would suit the girly girl; there is actually a lot more pink going on in this room but it is given an ethnic vibe with touches of orange. With so many brights you need a lot of natural light and plenty of white - walls, floors and furniture in white will help to achieve this look. We are actually covering half of the colour wheel and in various tones - if you like this idea then we suggest you do some planning prior with a mood-board and a collection of paint and fabric samples to see what works best for you. Red is brought in with the odd touch - a trim around a pink Roman blind and a bedside table lamp; red-orange is seen too with a statement chair by the window. Orange comes in with light and medium tones - again, it is found in accessories and bedding textiles. Pink is dominant with a floor rug, Roman blind and pink floral bedding. Finally, a touch of purple with a bed runner and decorative cushion.
  • Our final design in contrast to the previous, will suit men as well as women - the perfect unisex bedroom you might say! It is quite laid-back but for this reason it deserves a statement canvas or sculpture - save your pennies up by saving on cheap bedding sets in orange and a simple roller blind for the windows. A light grey is used on the walls and a medium to dark grey to upholster a headboard. So treat yourself to some gorgeous bedding and a head-turning statement piece - it could even be an uber-trendy set of bedside table lamps.

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