Colour infusion with orange 3: lounges

We have some really wonderful ideas for infusing lounges with the colour orange - it has even got me thinking of trading in a neutral sofa for something with more wow-factor! There are many tones of orange, some are evidently very bright and daring - but there are the deeper red-oranges that are also very interesting to work with. If like us, you have felt the orange fever of late - maybe it is time to take a leap and try some of this vivid colour in your own home. Read on to see how three lounges have been revived with this intense hue.

  • Our first design features orange with an East meets West look; touches of the Orient peep through what is an otherwise modern styled lounge. Natural materials are another element to this key orange lounge décor - why not make a statement with an exposed brick wall and beautiful wooden flooring? If you feel confident to incorporate a second colour then we would suggest a light green for walls and area rug; if you don't have confidence then stick with white or cream for the time being.

    A vibrant, medium toned orange is brought in with a modern sofa in block colour; choose an armchair with the same style/upholstery or give the room more edge using a traditional Oriental print (try and find one with orange and/or brown and cream.) An Oriental coffee table and room divider in dark wood helps to put the room in focus whilst brown and cream silk pillows soften the sofa.

  • The second lounge also has an orange sofa! This time though we have chosen a darker red-orange which works really well with cool neutrals - it really is a fantastic combination. Wooden floorboards are good - even ones which show a little bit of wear; take a cool green rug for the centre of the room. Walls and ceiling are painted with a medium grey and woodwork in an eggshell white. Place your statement sofa against a focal wall and dress that wall up with a collection of art or photography with abstracts being especially cool!

    What is the complimentary colour of a red-orange? That would be a blue-green - pick it up as an accent in a funky sofa cushion and use shots of brights elsewhere; a contemporary tangerine orange floor lamp and an apple green vase for the coffee table. Little pops of colour around the room keep the eyes moving to see the bigger picture.

  • We continue with another lounge using deep red-orange, only this time the sofa is neutral! This is a really cosy look but one that can also spark creativity - I know that the TV is often our best friend in the lounge, but in this one I could be quite as happy writing my first novel or crafting something with the kids! Flooring is barely seen - a large area rug with a deep cream pile expands out to about one foot from where floor meets wall. Skirts, ceiling and woodwork are also painted cream with walls in a stunning red-orange.

    Touches of white keep the room looking crisp - go with pencil pleat curtains, a pendant lamp and some black on white illustrations or art prints for the wall. For furniture, choose mid-century modern pieces with a grey-brown for upholstery - a pile of reading material casually placed on a side table.

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